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A Guide To Butt Plugs

The first Rectal Dilators or Butt Plugs

In the sex toy industry, the butt plug is a sex product that has a history of more than 100 years. Since the late 19th century, the butt plug was first sold as a rectal dilator and can only be bought with a prescription from pharmacies. It is not clear when and where the first butt plug was sold, but it is likely that it was sold in Germany in the 1960s at the world’s first high street sex toy store.

Tenacious taboos still hang over anything anal, and it’s easy to forget why men and women enjoy anal sex so much. There are countless nerve endings around the anal opening, which are very sensitive and easily caused by massage and stimulation, making the entire area insta-erogenous zone . As an area of ​​psychological taboo for most people, using a small anal movement to relax the pelvic muscles can make the body and mind more receptive to pleasure. Since the prostate is about 3-4 inches inside the rectum, men can have more fun with internal prostate massage, making it easy to reach and stimulate by inserting fingers or anal sex toys.

There are really slim and wide finger plugs for beginners, like the Loving Joy Finger Fun Small Butt Plug or the Doc Johnson Classic Butt Plug. They are ideal for beginning in anal play because they do not stretch the anus and can be inserted without discomfort or much preparation. Of course, lubrication is still necessary. For those who want to gradually increase the size of their plug, you can provide a three plug kit, such as Loving Joy Triple Dip or the COLT Anal Trainer Kit, because they allow them to find out the size you like best.

Silicone is currently the most popular material for anal plugs (generally used in sex toys) because it has a smooth and seamless texture, and can be safely used for anal play, and is easy to clean with hot water. High-end brands such as Adrien Lastic, Svakom, Rocks Off, and LELO offer silky-smooth silicone butt plugs, so you can satisfy your luxury needs within these ranges. However, other materials can also have the advantages. For example, glass and metal can be heated or cooled to test new sensations, making them well suited for temperature games. They also provide a stronger and heavier sensation that can enhance and pleasure for both men and women by applying greater pressure to the internal area. Exquisite Precious Metals Butt Plugs come in various sizes, so even beginners can start off with metal toys and add some sparkle to their bottoms.

Precious Metals Butt Plug

Most anal plugs have an ergonomically designed smooth surface that provides a comfortable insertion effect and fits anatomically even during prolonged gaming sessions. On the other hand, ribbed plugs such as the Precious Metals Ribbed Silver Butt Plugs are great for in and out use, because the passage of each rib or ridge creates an extra sensation and pleasure. In addition, the extraction of the beads such as Loving Joys Triple Ripple Anal Beads, during an orgasm produces strong sensations and very pleasant muscle contractions. Other plugs can pose a greater challenge to anal enthusiasts because their head is more spherical and wider than the common tapered tip; In addition, there are penis-shaped plugs for penis enthusiasts. The non-vibrating plug is very stable and non-distracting, it can prevent excessive stimulation, and is ideal for long-term use. At present, the vibrating plug seems to dominate the market. Their toys have various speed and function settings, which can be teased and draw the users attention to strong orgasms. Toys like Adrien Lastic Little Rocket, Svakom Primo, or Rocks Off Plug Petite Sensations Anal Plug will emit strong anal stimulation, rumble, satisfying vibrations, and beginner-friendly sizes.

Precious Metals Ribbed Silver Butt Plug

There are also some inflatable butt plugs made of soft materials (mainly latex). Once inside, they can be expanded for more filling and stretching sensation. These plugs can squeeze fluid into the rectum to simulate the sensation of ejaculation.

Erotic electrical stimulation provides a variety of accessories for you to choose from, so you can also find electrical plugs, such as Electrastim Noir Rockers. Unsurprisingly, the Nasstoys Glued Silicone Round Mating Connector can also be a fun and decorative accessory in the bedroom, either a jeweled base or a tail. These toys not only bring anal pleasure to the user, but also provide exquisite, exciting and interesting visual effects for their partners. Tail plugs like the upcoming Furry Fantasy series are great for animal role-playing games, but they can add fun to anyone’s bedroom antics by adding some fun and power-sharing. If you have purchased an anal plug, it is essential to ensure that the anus is well lubricated. YES lubricant is a perfect product because it can provide long-lasting lubrication and is formulated with vegetable oil to form a thicker, all-natural gel. Lubido anal lubricant and Sliquid’s lubricants are also great options for aspiring anal explorers!