Capricorn – The Star Sign

Do you fall under the star sign of a Capricorn (December 22 to January 20), if you are then you are a personality to be reckoned with, but strangely in a quiet, subtle way. Capricorns are people who will achieve any goal they set for themselves. They have the mentality and determination to see out either a project or an objective, no matter how long or how hard it is. They are surprisingly witty, but only when they allow themselves to be. Capricorns are very good timekeepers and will always be on time, they will always prosper in positions of responsibility. The ideal job for a Capricorn is a psychologist as it is in their ability to listen to short-tempered people or people who like to rant. They have an amazing ability to stay calm and reasoned in an argument or conflict, even though the other side may be more engaged.

Capricorn image
Capricorn Star Sign

You will find that Capricorns are deep thinkers who have very good memories and a never-ending intellectual curiosity. Sadly, they find that in their relationships, they can have a tendency towards being unhappy. Capricorns will set very high standards for themselves, and they will be easily disappointed if others don’t set equally high standards for themselves.

Professionally, a Capricorn would be strongly attracted to a career in music, not just singing but anything musical, although their logical side also makes a career in banking ideal. Some famous Capricorns include Anwar Sadat, Martin Luther King, Paul Cezann, Henri Matisse, Richard Nixon, Simone de Beauvoir and Edgar Allen Poe. If these names don’t sound familiar, the following might, Kit Harington, Denzel Washington, LeBron James and Kate Middleton.

Capricorn Zodiac Necklace Card
Capricorn Zodiac Necklace Card

After the Age of Aquarius in the zodiac Great Year (approximately 2000-4000 CE) will come the Age of Capricorn. It would be very hard to predict what the future for humans will be like by then. We may have moved on to another planet or even another solar system or worryingly, we may be extinct. The Age of Aquarius is to be marked by humanitarianism and greater understanding among the people on Earth or wherever we may be! But what will define the Age of Capricorn? Will we achieve all the goals of Aquarius? Many people will look towards the new Great Year as a new beginning with a genuine hope that we will have learned from all the mistakes of the past. Hopefully, we will continue to learn and in the Age of Capricorn, we will have evolved to create even greater human potential. Registered & Protected